Driver's Safety Course

Under state law, a defendant charged with a moving traffic violation may be eligible to take a driving safety course in order to have the ticket dismissed. If a ticket is dismissed under this provision, it will not appear as a conviction on the driving record and should not affect insurance premiums.


In order to take a driving safety course, a defendant must:

  1. Request permission from the Court
  2. Not have taken a driving safety course 12 months prior to the date of the citation 
  3. Must enter a plea of no contest or guilty 
  4. Present a valid Texas driver’s license 
  5. Present valid insurance with the defendant’s name on the policy 
  6. Pay $144 in applicable state court costs and administrative fees ($169 if offense was in a school zone).

Defendants 16 years of age or younger must make a formal court appearance with a parent or legal guardian in order to request permission to take a driving safety course.

Not all Violations are Eligible

 A driver will not be eligible to have a charge dismissed by completing a driving safety course if:

  • The alleged moving violation occurred in a construction zone with workers present 
  • The alleged speed is 25 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit 
  • The alleged violation is passing a school bus while loading or unloading students 
  • The driver holds a commercial driver’s license 

How to request a Driver's Safety Course

The following documentation is required in order to request a driving safety course:

  • Insurance card showing defendant’s name as a covered driver on the policy
  • Defendant’s valid Texas Driver’s License (no CDLs)

In Person

Present all documentation at the clerk’s window. If the request is not made by the court date, the defendant may lose the option to take the course.  If a defendant has multiple violations they should appear on their court date to request the Driver's Safety Course. 

After Completing the Driver's Safety Course

The original certificate of completion from the course and the defendant’s original driving record (type 3A) must be submitted together to the court in person, by mail, or drop box (located by doors to City Hall), by the due date provided on the driving safety order. The 3A driving record may be ordered online here.
 Failure to take the course and turn in the documents by the due date may result in a conviction being entered and payment of the remaining balance becoming due.