Compliance Dismissals

Defendants may submit proof of compliance for dismissal to the Court either in person or via e-mail.   Once the court receives valid proof and the dismissal fee is paid, the case will be dismissed.

Below are directions on what is needed to qualify for a Compliance Dismissal and the fee associated with each violation.  

Expired Registration:  $20.00 Dismissal Fee with proof   

  • New registration sticker form    -or-
  • A picture of the new registration sticker on the windshield of vehicle(photo must depict make of vehicle)


No Driver’s License/Failure to Present Valid Driver’s License:  $20.00 Dismissal Fee with proof

  • Copy of current driver’s license valid at the time of stop  -or-
  • Copy of a temporary license valid at the time of stop


Failure to Report a Change or Address:  $20.00 Dismissal Fee with proof

  • Copy of temporary license with new address on it.


License Plate Violations(Fictitious, No Front License Plate, or Obscured): $10.00 Dismissal Fee with proof

  • A picture of the license plate on the vehicle clearly visible with no obstructions


Defective Equipment: $10.00 Dismissal Fee with proof

  • A receipt that shows  payment for repair or purchase of the required part to repair defective equipment  -or-
  • A picture of the defective equipment now working


Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility:  No dismissal fee with proof

  • Insurance for the vehicle –valid at time of ticket  -or-
  • Insurance for the driver or the vehicle- valid at time of ticket


Instructions for providing proof for compliance dismissals to the court via e-mail:

  1. Enter Citation Number in the subject line
  2. Submit proof of compliance by attaching a scanned document or a picture
  3. Enter defendant’s address and phone number in the e-mail
  4. If the dismissal is for insurance, please provide a statement giving the Spring Valley Municipal Court permission to contact the defendant’s insurance company for verification and make sure insurance is attached to the e-mail. 
  5. Once the court receives and verifies the compliance documentation, the defendant will receive an e-mail with a link to pay the dismissal fee(s).  The case will not be dismissed until the dismissal fee(s) is paid. Once the insurance is verified and is proven to be valid at the time the ticket was issued, the case will be dismissed.

 E-mail address for Municipal Court: