Municipal Court

Issues Handled

The City of Spring Valley Village is served by its own Municipal Court system. Municipal Court handles:
  • Class C misdemeanors
  • Traffic matters
  • Violations of City Ordinances

Court Mission

The mission of Municipal Court is to provide a forum for justice to ensure that all citizens served are treated fairly, equally, without regard to race, sex, or religion, and assure them of a fair, impartial and timely disposition of their cases while abiding by all applicable guidelines and laws.


The City is served by a presiding judge and 4 associate judges, as well as 2 prosecutors. The Court has 2 full-time clerks, and if you have any questions or need any additional information, they can be reached during regular business hours at 713-465-0333 or e-mail

Presiding Judge

The presiding judge is John J. Klevenhagen III.

Court Sessions

Court is held on Wednesday and Thursday and other dates as posted.

Court Citations

Each violation being paid must be paid in full. Payments can be made online.
There will be a 5% administrative fee attached to each violation paid by credit card in person at the window. 


All resets or continuances must be done no later than 3 days prior to Court. Must be in person at the Court Window

Jury Duty

You may be called for jury duty and it runs several hours for the jurors.

Children at Court

Please note that children are not allowed in court.

Driver's Safety Course
  • You must come to the Municipal Court Office in person or Online to request A Driver’s Safety Course. online
  • The Defendant must provide the Court with proof of financial responsibility.
  • The Defendant must be currently in possession of a valid Texas driver's license, which is not a commercial drivers license.
  • The Defendant must enter a plea of Nolo Contendre to this cause.
  • The Defendant must not have completed a driving safety course within 12 months from the date of issuance of this citation which is the basis of this cause.
  • There must not be presently pending in any court an Order of Deferral granted to the Defendant to take a driving safety course.
Deferred Disposition is now available online, providing if you have not been on probation in the last 12

Thirty Days Extensions
for payment is now available online