Public Works

Water Supply

The City Strives to supply the highest quality drinking water at the lowest possible cost to our citizens.  Although the City has its own water supply, we are mandated by the Harris Galveston Subsidence District to have or participate in a Groundwater Reduction Plan(GRP).  As a result of this requirement, the City is and has been a participant of the City of Houston(COH) GRP for several years now.  As a GRP participant, 30% of our total water usage must be from a supply other than groundwater.  We meet that requirement by taking 30% of our total water from the COH surface water supply.  So the water that you receive is typically a blend of 70% groundwater from the City's water well and 30% surface water from COH.  Occasionally during periods of maintenance or repairs, this blend ratio may vary.

For additional  information on Water, Sewer, or Garbage, please visit our Water, Sewage, and Garbage page.  If you have questions, please contact the City Hall at 713-465-8308.

Construction and Project Updates

The City takes a proactive approach to maintaining the infrastructure that the people who live, work, and play in this community depend upon every day. This work includes major maintenance, repair, and replacements of streets, drainage, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and drainage, parks, and all other City facilities within our corporate limits.

Consumer Confidence Reports

This link will take you to a list of the previous five years of annual reports on the quality of tap water delivered to the residents and business owners of the City of Spring Valley Village. The purpose of these reports is to provide you, our customers, with general information about the quality of water you drink.

Traffic Calming Forms and Policies

If you would like the City to consider placing a traffic calming device in your neighborhood please download this form and email it or print it out and present a completed form to the City. Here is the City's policy on traffic calming devices regarding what projects will be considered and who will be notified of potential changes.

Traffic Calming Project Request Form

Residential Neighborhood Traffic Calming/Control Policy

Public Works Documents

This link will take you to a list of various Public Works related documents.

Public Works Permits

Right-of-Way Permit Application

Privately Owned Items in City Right-of-Way

Polices (Construction Related)

Center Point Tree Trimming & Removal

Drought Contingency Plan

What is Public Works
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