Bingle Road Road Diet

Staff Updates at City Council Meetings:

- April 26, 2022: Lone Star Pavement will be performing the work for Spring Valley Village and City of Houston. The City of Houston is currently waiting on construction permits. Work will begin approximately three to four weeks after permits had been attained.

- May 24, 2022:  The City of Houston is still waiting on construction permits to be issued for this project. 

- July 26, 2022: The City of Houston sent the City of Spring Valley Village information on a webpage they have created for Bingle project updates. The most recent update estimates completion to occur summer 2022. However, SVV has not yet received a firm date. The website is and anyone may subscribe for updates. 

- August 23, 2022:  The City of Houston has recently gotten the project reactivated and the soft hold removed. They are actively working on getting the permits and back-end paperwork finalized and should be able to move forward soon

- September 27, 2022: The City of Houston is now estimating the start date to be fall of 2022. 

Bingle Road Diet