Goals & Policies

  • To manage traffic patterns to provide for safe street use
  • To develop a traffic master plan and ordinances that will:
    • Promote safe streets and sidewalks
    • Effectively move through traffic without adverse impact to residential character.
    • Minimize disruption during all transportation projects
    • Provide reasonable, safe on-street parking
  • To improve and increase pedestrian mobility
  • To redevelop property along I-10 to promote and enhance the image of the City.
  • To plan for commercial development and redevelopment to provide a strengthened tax base
  • To develop existing and additional park areas and green spaces to include pedestrian access
  • To refine ordinances consistent with the City’s Vision
  • To enforce all ordinances and provide prompt response to complaints regarding ordinance violations
Community Infrastructure
  • To replace existing thoroughfares and collector streets with concrete, curbs, gutters and sidewalks
  • To replace existing water and sewer lines as required
  • To improve drainage as required
  • To minimize disruption and inconvenience for residents during infrastructure replacement process
  • To secure as much outside funding as possible for infrastructure projects
  • To maintain and develop City facilities and properties to meet the needs of the community
Neighborhood Integrity
  • To develop a neighborhood plan (identify neighborhood boundaries, etc.) to include properties that might be considered for higher density standalone residential homes in areas adjacent to commercial property that cannot support single family homes on 10,000 square foot lots
  • To encourage development and redevelopment of residential property consistent with surrounding neighborhoods
  • To assure that any development or redevelopment provides for heath, safety and welfare of residents
  • To improve and increase pedestrian mobility between neighborhoods