Citation Information

Defendant Rights

Your signature on the citation you have received is not a plea of guilty. You have the right to:
  • Appear in court and contest the charges filed against you
  • Have a trial by either a judge or jury

Accident Violations

If you are charged with a violation involving an accident, you must appear in court.  Persons 16 years of age or younger must appear with a parent or guardian.


& Payments

For information on common violations and how to pay a fine, see our Pay Fines page.


Please see our Notice Regarding Juveniles (PDF) document.

Directions to Court

To get to the Municipal Court from downtown, use the following directions:
  1. Take I-10 West (going towards San Antonio).
  2. Exit Campbell Road.
  3. Turn right at the first traffic light, which is Campbell Road.
  4. Travel a block and half and the court is to the left at City Hall.
Court Conduct

Court is in session whenever the Judge is on the Bench.  While the Court is in session, unless the Judge directs otherwise the following conduct must be observed:

  • No smoking or use of tobacco products, including snuff, chewing tobacco, and electronic cigarettes.
  • No reading of extraneous materials, such as books, newspapers or magazines.
  • No propping feet or sitting on tables, railings, or on the back of benches or chairs.
  • No loud noises
  • No eating of food, drinking of beverages, or chewing and/or popping of gum.
  • No standing in the Courtroom, particularly in front of the Bailiff or in front of the Bench, except when addressing the Court, or by direction of the Judge, or as necessitated by the business of the Court.
  • No gestures, facial expressions, or sounds indicating approval or disapproval of a ruling by the Court or a comment of a witness.
  • No inappropriate attire, including shorts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, low pants with underwear showing, and/or inappropriate “message” shirts.
  • No unattended children in the Courtroom.
  • No cellular telephones are to ring and no pagers are to sound in the Courtroom.  Cellular telephones and pagers must be silenced.
  • No hats or head coverings including scarves, bandanas, or do-rags shall be worn in the Courtroom unless such items are religious in nature.
  • No person other than the Judge who is presiding, a peace officer or a security guard employed by the City of Spring Valley Village and on duty who has a current appropriate license shall possess a weapon in the Courthouse.
  • No talking during hearings or trials, except by participants.