Business & Developers

For those who are looking to open new businesses or develop new residential or commercial projects, the City of Spring Valley Village presents a wealth of opportunity. We look forward to helping you grow and prosper here.
  1. Business Directory

    Check out a listing of businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  2. Commercial Real Estate Market Data

    Browse market data related to commercial real estate in the City of Spring Valley Village, including area demographics and traffic counts.

  3. Economic Development

    Peruse documents related to development and planning in the areas in and around the City of Spring Valley Village.

  4. Licenses, Permits, & Registrations

    Know the details of what you need before submitting project plans for commercial projects.

  5. Zoning, Codes, & Ordinances

    Read about the status of Spring Valley Village as a zoned city and how it works with the Board of Adjustment to maintain a Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.