The City of Spring Valley is a Type A general law municipality which is governed by a mayor and 5 Council members. General law cities operate according to specific state statutes prescribing their powers and duties; if state law does not grant our City the express or implied power to initiate a particular action, it may not be taken.
  1. Mayor's Office

    Read a greeting letter from the mayor and find out how to contact the office.

  2. City Council

    Contact City Council members, attend a meeting, or read previous agendas and minutes.

  3. Mission & Vision

    Read about the goals and ideals that make up the city's overall mission and current vision.

  4. Goals & Policies

    See the overarching goals and policies that Spring Valley strives to achieve in line with their mission and vision.

  5. Public Notices

    Peruse recent and past public notices for the City of Spring Valley Village.

  6. Rules of Procedure

    Peruse the Rules of Procedure for Conduct of City Council Meetings.

  7. Departments

    Find contact and general information for the departments in the City of Spring Valley Village.

  8. Agenda Center

    Find easily searchable meeting agendas and minutes for boards, commissions, and committees.

  9. Permits

    Both residential and commercial projects require 2 complete sets of scaled plans. Necessary proof of compliance from other agencies may be required at the time of submittal.

  10. Code of Ordinances